Design Manager

John Kemery

John Kemery joined ATS as a CAD Technician in 2009, bringing with him a wealth of experience in network engineering and graphics design using Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro. Over the years, John has expanded his knowledge and skills by exploring many aspects of the BMS industry and receiving training in Siemens, Tridium, Trend, Cylon, and Schneider products.

Today, John serves as the Design Manager at ATS, where he plays an integral role in supporting the project team in all aspects of design. His versatility allows him to contribute to various aspects of the design process, from developing wiring diagrams and technical submittals to designing graphics and network architecture.

Beyond his design work, John is also involved in site maintenance and provides support for in-house IT. His extensive knowledge and skills make him an invaluable asset to the ATS team, and he continues to drive the company’s success with his expertise and commitment to quality work.