BMS Control System Manufacturer South West

BMS control panels, designed and manufactured for your building.

A quality control panel guarantees BMS performance. Combining quality components with years of product development and manufacturing experience, our team of BMS specialists are here to create your bespoke Motor Control Centre (MCC). Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to deliver MCCs to Form 1, 2, 3, and 4 using branded components which are then assembles and wired within enclosures to pre-approved designs.

Control panel ready to go, our specialists handle every aspect of the MCC’s implementation in your building, using a methodical, tried, and tested approach to make sure every element of the system is functioning effectively. With us, you can achieve total peace of mind that your control panel will operate as it should.

Our partners and affiliations

In-house BEMS manufacture.

Thanks to our dedicated in-house manufacturing team, we have complete control over the design and production process of our MCCs. This dedicated capacity allows us to focus on continuously developing the effectiveness of our designs to better meet customer needs and market demands, and guarantee higher quality panels, and faster build times. It also means we can incorporate design changes at any stage, allowing your panel to be tailored to your building’s specific requirements.

MCC product testing.

We always adhere to the most stringent standards of product control. To that end, we test each MCC rigorously by connecting each circuit to a simulation test rig to verify compatibility with control software programmes and field control devices. Before your MCC leaves the workshop, it will also be subject to a 2,000-volt flash test and a 500-volt insulation test to make sure it fulfils BS Electrical Safety Regulations. Our software platform provides insights into system health and efficiency so that informed decisions can be made down the line to improve performance. This can connect to an array of smart devices, including energy/power meters, relays and circuit breakers, PLCs and power quality equipment, allowing for real time power, energy, equipment, and KPI tracking.

MCC implementation.

To help you take total control over your building’s systems, we make sure your new MCC is fully calibrated and ready to go. We test its compatibility with control software and devices within the system, and then provide a professional installation service. Panel in place, we troubleshoot any issues and refine the performance of the panel to guarantee a fully optimised building control system.

Limitless smart building applications.

The demand for IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity is soaring. Our smart building services allows the user to interact with a wide range of information streams, putting an end to guess work and maximising efficiencies with precise data.

Some of the applications we support include:

  • Building Analytics – building historical performance data and running comparisons.
  • People Counting – providing a better understanding of building usage and demand, essential for plant optimisation.
  • Hot Desk Services – allowing users to easily find a non-occupied workspace.
  • Measuring Noise Levels – allowing users to find a silent area to sit and work in.
  • Wayfinding and Geolocation – enabling users to make best use of the space available and improve the speed of decision making.
  • Space Utilisation – establishing the purpose and priorities of spaces, and determining whether its efficiency can be improved.
  • Cyber Security – protecting the building users from data breaches via a built-in account management system that meets the strictest cyber security guidelines.
  • Automated Cause and Effect Plant Operation – automating control of building operations alongside third party systems like CCTV, access control, and alarm systems.

Why choose us?

With a team of in-house BMS specialists, we have the capabilities to offer everything your project demands in one complete package.

All our work is carried out to guaranteed standards of quality thanks to our BS EN ISO 9001 (2015) and BS EN ISO 14001 (2015) accreditations.

We form longstanding partnerships with our customers, developing full aftercare packages to suit their needs now, and in the future.

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