Vision, Mission & Values

BMS services, underpinned by purpose.

ATS Controls is a leading figure in the field of building energy management, and everything we do is driven by a set of core values, and a clear vision and mission. Whether we’re designing bespoke BMS systems, carrying out targeted maintenance, or metering energy use, we deliver all our services with transparancy, integrity and consistancy – focused on the future.

Our vision.

To become a national building energy management and energy solutions services provider, admired for its people, performance, and customer satisfaction. To maintain excellence and longevity in all aspects of our operations through stakeholder empowerment and development. To always live true to the core values of the business.

Our mission.

Energy management and building HVAC control is our business. Our mission is to provide high quality products and services that decrease energy consumption, produce lower energy bills, and create comfortable environmental conditions. We will achieve our vision by delivering bespoke solutions to customer needs that fit the brief and exceed expectations. By creating positive environments for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. By maximising productivity through a highly effective, lean, fast moving operation. By continuously meeting and responding to customer and market demands.

Our values.

ATS Controls abides by a set of core values that govern everything we do. We believe by living our purpose through these values, we will achieve our ambitions and provide a superior service for our customers.


We always do what we say we are going to do, and never lower our standards or go back on our promises. We’re determined, honest, and firm in our moral principles. Every time. No excuses.


Our customers know they can rely on us because we always operate in an open, transparent way – fulfilling their requirements and delivering the quality solution they deserve. No surprises.


Delivering on our promises is important to us. That’s why we approach every aspect of our operations with uniformity in mind. Consistent quality, consistent actions, and never any slip ups.

Social value.

We’re committed to addressing the skills gap in the next generation, safeguarding the BMS industry’s future. By supporting the development of our employees through investing in their training and providing opportunities for young people new to the field, we believe we can have a positive social impact on our communities.