Group Chairman

Brian Baker

Brian’s career in the engineering industry began with his education as an electrical engineer, which gave him a solid foundation to build upon. He gained valuable experience working for Landis & Gyr in the building controls industry almost forty years ago before joining Satchwell, where he spent several years working in various roles. His time at Satchwell allowed him to develop his skills further, from project engineering to managing the UK sales team.

In 1993, Brian founded ATS, a company that focused on providing fully engineered solutions to customers. He envisioned a company that would prioritize the customer’s needs and deliver high-quality engineering solutions. Through his leadership and vision, ATS has grown to become a respected name in the industry.

As Group Chairman, Brian now oversees the work carried out within ATS. His focus is on expanding the company’s presence in the energy and service sector while ensuring that it continues to provide the same high-quality solutions that its customers have come to expect. Under his guidance, ATS has expanded its services to include energy management, which has been crucial in meeting the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

In addition to expanding ATS’s offerings, Brian has also been focused on ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of innovation. To achieve this, he has invested in the latest technology and encouraged his team to embrace innovative ideas and approaches. His dedication to providing high-quality solutions and his commitment to customer satisfaction have been the guiding principles that have propelled ATS to its current position.