Project Manager

Ben Seabourne

Ben has been a member of the ATS team since 2014 and boasts over 20 years of experience in BMS and automation. He has previously worked as a Controls Engineer and BMS Technical Manager for a major M&E company for 12 years. Ben’s expertise encompasses an excellent understanding of mechanical and electrical services, as well as extensive knowledge in control systems.

In his current role as Project Manager, Ben draws on his wealth of experience to support his clients’ projects from design through to completion. He brings a high level of skill and knowledge to the team and is committed to ensuring the successful execution of each project. Ben’s ability to understand the unique requirements of each project allows him to provide tailored solutions that meet his clients’ needs effectively.

Overall, Ben’s technical prowess and experience make him a valuable asset to the ATS team. He is dedicated to providing exceptional service to his clients and prides himself on delivering quality results that exceed expectations.