Wexham Park Hospital Emergency Dept


Project Overview

Described as “one of the best and most innovative units of its kind”, The new facility provides better safety, privacy and infection control as well as added space and comfort for those visiting the hospital.
Working with Integral & Kier we were delighted to deliver the £49m project, which represents the biggest single investment at the Slough hospital since it was built more than half a century ago.

Technical Challenges

Our team were challenged with a comprehensive testing regime as well as interfacing of all the separate HVAC services to ensure energy consumption was kept as low as possible whilst ensuring that all NHS legislation’s were upheld and the environmental conditions remained comfortable at all times.
Considerable simulation testing was required in order to replicate an occupied building under several outside ambient conditions, all within the constraints of a construction programme and in good time for the building to be handed over as planned.
Extensive integration to the Hospital’s existing graphical user interface was put into effect to ensure full visibility of the systems at all times to the trusts facilities team. This also ensures the Hospital’s energy manager has full access and visibility of the plant’s performance and energy usage. Allowing them to make instant changes to the systems operation as and when necessary.