Bristol Old Vic


Project Overview

The oldest continuously working theatre in the English-speaking world, the Bristol Old Vic has undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment, which allows the theatre and adjoining Coopers’ Hall to become a seven-day working operation and allow the public and visitors to see the auditorium, which was built in 1776, from King Street for the first time in the theatre’s 250-year history.

Project Value: 130,000

Design Consultant
Max Fordham
Main Contractor 
Gilbert Ash
Services Contractor
Priddy Engineering Ltd
Project Duration
12 months


Bristol Old Vic is a complex of buildings with some parts being Grade 1 and 2 listed, while other parts were brand new. This presented a unique challenge as the installation finish and environmental conditions had to remain consistent throughout the entire complex. In addition, integrating the new and existing systems via IP integration required a thorough design of the network architecture to ensure the seamless transfer of data throughout the building, maximizing the customer experience.

One of the biggest challenges faced during the project was ensuring that the theatre’s day-to-day business continued uninterrupted throughout the works. To accomplish this, our engineers had to design the system and software to allow for all eventualities during the testing and commissioning process. This required a high level of expertise and careful planning to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget.

Despite these challenges, the project was a success, resulting in a state-of-the-art system that seamlessly integrated both new and existing systems. The complex now features a unified network architecture that allows for the seamless transfer of data throughout the building, ensuring a consistent customer experience. With this sophisticated and efficient system, Bristol Old Vic can continue to operate at the forefront of the theatre industry while maintaining its unique character and history.