University of Oxford – Bio Escalator


Project Overview

The new development is a hub for new and developing Life Science Innovations.

Part of its use is dedicated to the BioEscalator Hub which provides set for a community of scientists and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to taking ideas forward towards clinical application.

The remaining spaces provide Core Lab facilities with an aim to assist in developing applications for Tissue Culture and reverse Osmosis.

Project Value: 430,000

Design Consultant 
Ove Arup
Main Contractor 
Services Contractor 
Dornan Engineering Ltd
Project Duration
12 months

Challenges & Testing

The strict legislation laid out for the testing facilities within the building meant that the BEMS control of air quality and outside fresh air levels in response to dynamically changing indoor environmental conditions had to be rigorously tested, calibrated and finely tuned. This meant that a new and refined control strategy was needed to ensure the reaction times of the ventilation plant was instantaneous.

The accuracy of the ventilation control together with maintaining a negative pressure within the lab area’s meant that this innovative solution ensured the integration between the Mechanical variable air volume system and the various Fume Cupboards and Microbial Safety Cabinets were all monitored and optimum testing conditions were maintained at all times.

Whilst performing the environmental control of the building, the BEMS also provides an extensive meter monitoring and collation function and exports all of the Gas, Cold water, Low temperature Hot Water, Chilled Water and electrical meter readings to a data logging software reporting program.