Viridor Energy Recovery Facility

Project Overview

The UK’s biggest multi-polymer plant in Avonmouth near Bristol, will reprocess up to 60,000 tonnes of plastic a year. The centre uses safe, environmentally sustainable and reliable technology to divert about 320,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and generate 32MW of electricity – the equivalent energy used to power about 44,000 homes.

Project Value: £450,000

Design Consultant 
Shepherd Engineering Solutions


The Viridor Energy Recovery Facility posed unique challenges due to its tight construction schedule. The most significant challenge was ensuring that all equipment providing environmental conditioning was commissioned, tested, and integrated into the building’s network architecture in a timely manner. Our team had to work closely with the construction crew to coordinate the deployment of our software and ensure that all pieces of equipment were successfully integrated.

Another challenge was minimizing energy consumption while maintaining stable environmental conditions. We worked closely with the facility’s operators to interface all systems and services comprehensively. This required close collaboration to develop a customized system that met the specific needs of the building. Our team was able to successfully deploy our software and integrate all equipment and systems into the building’s network architecture within the tight construction timeline.

The Viridor Energy Recovery Facility is a critical part of the UK’s waste management infrastructure, helping to divert waste from landfill and generate energy from non-recyclable waste. Our team is proud to have played a role in the successful implementation of this cutting-edge facility. We remain committed to working with our partners in the waste management industry to promote sustainable and efficient waste management practices that reduce the impact of waste on the environment.