20 Grosvenor Square


Formerly the American navy’s HQ and nicknamed Eisenhowerplatz after the US president set up his military headquarters at No. 20 during WWII. It is soon to be the first ever standalone Four Seasons residences.

To provide each resident with greater control over their living environment, a unique software framework and graphical interface were developed. This interface allows residents to use their Android devices to manage their own surroundings, interface with local audio-visual equipment, and monitor the energy usage of their individual apartments or residences. Developing this framework was a significant challenge as the system had to operate across multiple applications while still providing a seamless user experience.

Special attention was given to cybersecurity to ensure that the system’s security remained uncompromised. The software framework and graphical interface were designed with security as a top priority, with multiple layers of protection to safeguard against cyber threats. This approach ensured that residents could use the system with confidence, knowing that their personal data and privacy were secure. With this innovative technology, residents can manage their living spaces efficiently, reduce their energy consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Project Value: 650,000

Design Consultant
Hoare Lea
Services Contractor 
Axis Ltd