Part of the new £350m 471 bed facility at the Grange University Hospital in Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran which provides emergency and urgent care, the sterilisation and decontamination unit is a vital facility for cleaning re-usable surgical and medical equipment. The advent of the Grange University Hospital will significantly alter the distribution of operating theatres across the Aneurin Bevan University health board sites.


Technical Challenges


Considerable testing of the operational procedure has been required to replicate an occupied building under several different ambient & air quality conditions.

When the project was originally designed/tendered, the COVID pandemic was not part of our lives and as such was not factored into our design or delivery plan. However, an increased level of closer air quality control, over and above what was originally required will be necessary. ATS faces the challenge of getting the correct level of air quality to suitably sustain the environment and its testing/sterilisation regime. 


Resolution of Challenges


ATS have researched the different methods of utilising non standard software to increase the speed at which data is routed  under test conditions. Over and above this, extensive integration to the hospital’s existing IP network needs to be put into effect in order to ensure full transparency of the systems at all times to the Trust’s Facilities Team.  This ensures that the hospital’s Facilities Management team has full access and visibility of the plant’s performance and energy usage.