ATS design, install, engineer and provide on-going support of BMS, EMS and Power Management Systems in diverse commercial applications such as Defence, Leisure, Education, Life Sciences, Process facilities, Office space, R&D/Tech, Healthcare & Public Sector.

We provide a range of services within our offer which can make up a full turnkey solution or can be utilised as a single point of use:


Consultancy services for pre-construction design & post occupancy evaluation



Assistance with specification writing

Design of HVAC Control Strategies

Design of network architecture and Hardware Hierarchy for integrated building services

Post occupancy

Bench marking data

Analysis of BMS strategy and HVAC Plant operation

Advice on reduced operating costs and carbon emissions





With our in-house engineering, production and installation teams, we work to BS EN ISO 9001 standards to meet design criteria and implement every project on time and on budget.

Our in-house manufacturing facility produces Motor Control Centres (MCC) to Form 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Our dedicated in-house manufacturing teams focus on effective design, meaning we have complete control over production and offer a consistent build quality and faster panel build times.

We offer a holistic technical approach to each project, and as we can offer all leading BEMS products we ensure a “best in breed” solution every time.


Power Monitoring Systems

We have found an increasing demand for the monitoring of Power critical and energy intensive facilities with a view to maximising uptime and operational efficiency.

Our software platforms give insight into the system health and efficiency so that informed decisions can be made to improve performance. They operate with an open architecture and can connect to smart devices – power/energy meters, relays and circuit breakers, PLC’s and Power quality equipment.

This all allows for real time power, energy and equipment monitoring and tracking of KPI’s.

Both our BMS and PMS offers can be utilised as a single point of use or to manage an entire portfolio of properties, in the UK or internationally. We can provide Case studies for this if further details are required.


Service & Support

We work in partnership with our customers to develop ‘best fit’ packages. We provide solutions to optimise system efficiency with ongoing support services. Our Multi system support by trained and certified engineers facilitates flexible PPM packages to suit all needs and budgets, Reactive support and callout options, Target based Maintenance and Energy focused plant operation.


Smart building applications

With an increased demand for IoT connectivity, managing complex environments and reducing operating costs, our smart building offer allows the building user to interact with all information streams, put an end to “guess work” and maximise efficiencies with precise data. 

Building Analytics – Build historical performance data and run comparisons.

People Counting - used for plant optimisation, enabling greater energy efficiencies and providing an increased understanding of building usage and demand.

Creating Hot Desk Services - allows users to easily find a non occupied space.

Measuring Noise levels - allows the occupant to find a silent area to sit and work in.

Wayfinding and Geo-location - Ensuring users are free to make the best use of the space available and make decision making much faster.

Space Utilisation -  Establish priorities and purpose of space. Determine whether the office space is being used efficiently and whether future improvements are needed.

Cyber Security - To protect the building users from any data breaches, our built-in account management system allows administrators to set password policies that meet stringent Cyber Security guidelines.

Automated Cause & Effect Plant Operation – Our BMS solution can be natively deployed as part of an automated cause & effect plant operation (with third party systems such as CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Intruder etc).