In 2015 ATS undertook the stringent assessment as laid down by ISO9001 Quality Management & ISO14001 Environmental Management to demonstrate their commitment to processes and systems that ensure our clients receive a consistently high standard of service whilst maintaining our environmental responsibility.


During 2016 with the introduction of  ‘new ISO codes’  ATS’s Directors wanted to ensure that they were one of the first businesses to adopt the even tighter controls on systems, processes & environment impact. To this end, ATS has now achieved the prestigious status of ISO9001 (2015) & ISO14001 (2015).

How does ISO work?

International standards are created by the people who will use and be impacted by them. We call them EXPERTS and they come from industry, government, consumer organizations, academia, non-governmental organizations and more.

It is the MEMBERS role to identify the experts and ensure an active voice for their country.

The ISO Central Secretariat – ISO/CS – co-ordinates the development process and publishes the standards.

What is in it for our clients?

By establishing standard procedures and processes, our clients can be sure of receiving ‘best service’, every time, all the time.  If any faults are found within our processes, these are immediately identified and rectified to avoid repetition and improve upon our service project to project.